A discussion over football’s greatest of all time will be happening in thousands of bars between millions of people right now. Yet, rather than debating who pips who in the Messi v Ronaldo argument, there will be those that choose to fight for their idol, their chosen one: their greatest. That one player who quintessentially epitomises how football should be played, through their eyes at least.

After one such debate in a low-key pub in Brighton the inspiration behind our project was obvious and 18 Yards was born.

A football magazine and podcast, 18 Yards examines the history of the beautiful game, from players who made the magic happen on the pitch to lesser-known stories from behind the curtain of world football.

From comprehensive articles on the world of football through the eyes of the fans, to exclusive interviews with some of the world’s greatest to lace up along with spectacular photography capturing the artistic side of the great game, 18 Yards Magazine brings fans closer to the game and uncovers some of the lost legends of football.

Parallel to our magazine is the 18 Yards podcast, released quarterly, where we delve deeper into the themes discussed in our publication and look at how they compare with today’s standards.

Both our magazine and podcast will be launching ahead of the 2017/18 football season and, for updates on the latest news from 18 Yards, sign up below.


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