TD Publications is an independent publishing house based in the south of England.

With more than a combined 20 years in the world of publishing as well as a wealth of knowledge in running online campaigns and an extensive background in high-end graphic design, our focus is on producing quality publications that are beneficial to the communities they cover.

A collection of freelance writers, designers and editors, TD Publications began with the idea of creating truly useful publications while maintaining the best design quality possible. At TD Publications we hope to combine high visual fidelity with practicality.

Our passions range from sports and fitness to poetry and literature, as well as the world of coffee culture, music, art, travel and plenty more. Our dream is to turn these passions into exciting and useful publications that aesthetically please.

Daniel White
Daniel's extensive background in publishing includes Editor roles with sports, lifestyle, business and music magazines as well as holding a Director role with Title Media, in which he oversaw the running of the publishing company, producing a monthly magazine as well as running all online content.
David Sexton
Creative Director
A freelance writer and editor, David grew up in Norfolk before heading to the University of Brighton where he gained a Batchelor's degree in English Literature. His published work includes numerous short stories and articles as well as a large role in the SHhhh Guide to Norwich.